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Read Along: Stick’s Masterpiece 《枝条的大作》

Stick’s Masterpiece is a lovely story written and illustrated by two very talented brothers, Spencer Hanson and Randy Hanson. The story is made available on their website It is translated by me and read aloud by me in English and Mandarin Chinese in our read along video.

Stick’s Masterpiece talks the self-discovery of Stick who was once uncertain about her talent, and too afraid to start anything, and how she broke out of her shell to complete her masterpiece. It’s an inspiring story that talks about overcoming our doubts and taking a leap of faith.

I resonate a lot with this story since this blog is exactly that – something I’ve decided to take a leap of faith in, I am still not sure where things will end up, but no matter what I will continue to put my best foot forward, and hopefully inspire others along the way.

今天的故事《枝条的大作》是由Spencer Hanson和Randy Hanson兄弟共同编写而成。故事讲述了小女孩,枝条,面对要绘制一个庞大的世界时所经历的恐惧,难过,惧怕,到最终勇敢地画出第一笔,然后慢慢地努力完成属于她的大作的故事。这个故事十分令我感动,仿佛看到了自己对于开部落格,做视频等等视频的心路历程。虽然不知道部落格以后会变成什么样,不过我现在能做的就是一点一点努力,像枝条一样,未来总是有着无限的可能。

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