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Book Review: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

One of our favourite book, one that we always have out on the bookshelf, is the Children’s classic “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.

We own the board book version of this book purchased through Amazon. You will find my Amazon affiliated link in this posting, the affiliate program help bloggers earn a small commission for referring a sale to Amazon, at no expense to you, and it helps keep this blog running. For details on what the affiliate program is, you can visit my Disclaimer page.

Back to the book, some basic information about the book:

  • The book measures 18cm x 12.7cm and is 1.5cm in thickness (7 inch x 5 inch x 0.6 inch)
  • Each page is 1mm in thickness
  • Excluding the cover, the book has 11 cardboard pages with prints on both sides

Why do we like this book?

I find the story to be simple yet comprehensive, there are many things that are indirectly taught in this story. This makes every read though slightly different, as we direct our child to focus on the different elements within the story.

  • Days of the week (Monday to Sunday)
  • The lifecycle of a caterpillar
  • Eating bad foods give you tummy aches
  • Counting numbers (1-5)
  • Fruit names

These things make reading the story over and over again fun, for example, after reading about the caterpillar’s diet on Monday, the parent can encourage the child to say the next day in the week by asking, “What comes after Monday?” before flipping the pages. Another example, the parent can also encourage the child to count the number of the same food in the caterpillar’s diet. I think this is what make this story such a classic year after year.

Each page of this book contain a short passage written in full sentences. All pages except one contain exactly one full sentence, and the one exception page has two sentences. That makes flipping through the story rather quickly, so handsy children have something to do rather than being stuck on one page for a very long time.

This board book version also has some interactive elements built in, like pages with varying width that show or hide sections, and little holes to poke at on a number of pages, this all makes it more engaging for younger Children. Emilia is one at the time of writing this review, although she still doesn’t have the patience to sit through my reading, she does enjoy poking at the holes in the book.

The book is well constructed, pages of 1mm thickness make the book an appropriate weight for even very young toddlers, but can resist tearing. Although it’s not ideal for teething babies since it’s a cardboard book after all.

This is the first of many book reviews I’ll be doing on this blog, and this book is one I would recommend buying even if you are a regular at your nearby library since it’s appropriate for many age groups, from babies to early school-aged children.

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