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Read Along: The Red Raincoat 《红色的雨衣》

Today’s story is the Red Raincoat. Written by Kiran Kasturia, Illustrated by Zainab Tambawalla. Made available to me by and finally, translated and read out loud by me!

This is a story of Manu’s week after she receives a lovely red raincoat from his parents. The weather was so very sunny and Manu simply can’t wait to use his raincoat.

This book is wonderful for teaching children how to appropriately treat the things they love the most, as well as patience. A few other things it mentions are:

  • days of the week
  • the colour red
  • different weather, and their relationship to the item raincoat

I remember having an umbrella that I really loved as a child, and I would open it indoor whenever I wanted to use it and it’s not raining. This story makes me think back to those days and smile a little. My mother was never fond of the idea and told me opening an umbrella over me indoor is back luck and will also make me short. I don’t know about the luck part, but I suppose she was right about the latter.

Emilia also has a similar obsession with her snow boots, she loves wearing them even when we are not going outside, and will definitely ask to wear them if we ARE going out. After being discouraged repeatedly not to wear them indoor since the sole is very dirty, she has recently decided to wear them on her hand instead. I guess it’s a fair middle ground.




  • 一周七天
  • 颜色红色
  • 天气,以及雨衣跟天气的关系



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