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Chinese Poems 学诗词 Quiet Night Thought 《静夜思》

Learning Chinese Poems is a great way to practice pronunciation, but also learn a bit about the culture and history.

This Poem is by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai and is often one of the first poems taught in school because it is well written but easy to understand.

The poem talks about concepts like family, travelling away from home, and homesickness, which make it very relatable to a lot of people travelling abroad.

I’m super excited to start this series, I enjoyed reading poems and learning about idoms in school, it’s kind of like the Chinese version of fairy tales to me, since each one of them come with a historic story of some sort. So I look forward to putting them down on paper and sharing with those that do not speak the Chinese language as well.




You can download the full resolution printable, and the printer friendly version in the download section.


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