Part 2 of Learn 10 Words Spring (writing) is posted!

So for our Learn 10 Words series this month, we covered 10 words related to spring in an earlier video. I have released the part 2 of the learning resource which features how to actually write the 10 words. Don’t miss if you want to learn the strokes.

Writing is no easy task, and much harder than learning the sound, and I have to admit it was even intimidating for me when I learned it years ago as a kid. The only way to learning Chinese writing is to practice practice practice. Use this video as your guide, and practice often, and believe that you will get there.

If you are curious about what I’m writing on, this is a Boogie Board that I borrowed from my daughter. It is a great tool for writing practice.

If you would like to get one, consider using my Amazon Affiliate Link below, full details on the affiliate program can be found on my disclaimer page.



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