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Children’s Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 《小星星》

This song is very well known in many cultures. Just about everyone I’ve met knows a variation of this song. The melody of this song was originally published in 1762, and the version I’m the most familiar with is the one arranged by Mozart.

Enough history lessons, I’m here to share the Chinese lyrics to this very popular lullaby. IMPORTANT: this is NOT a line by line translation of the song. In the Chinese version of this song, the lyrics follow loosely the same meaning as the English version, and both sing about the stars in the night sky. The Chinese lyrics uses a different metaphor and refers to the stars as blinking eyes (rather than diamonds) in the sky. Both versions create a vivid picture for our babies to enjoy, and both of them rhymes incredibly well too. Next time when you sing this at bed time, consider trying out both versions, I’m sure you will enjoy them both.



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