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Read Along: Today I Am 《今天的我》

This is an adorably illustrated beginner book by author Varsha Seshan, illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat, translated and read aloud by me.

The book describes the different things a little girl decided to be on one particular day and shows just how imaginative children can be, and a reminder for us adults how one can have fun getting lost in their own imagination without the need of tangible things.

Use this book to teach about the different professions and what they are, but also to teach the quantity phrase of “一名” yì míng which specifically refers to professions of individual people. This book is also great for encouraging children to think about themselves each day, what do they want to be each day? Life isn’t always about what I want to be when I grow up, but also what we want to be, today, everyday.

《今天的我》是由Varsha Seshan攥写, Sandhya Prabhat 绘制, 并由我为大家翻译与朗读。



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