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CHILDREN’S SONG: Are You Sleeping Brother John 《你在睡吗小约翰》

This song is a very well known English rhyme, and for many Chinese people, its tone is also known as Two Little Tiger.

This time we have the lyrics in Chinese and English, but following the meaning within the classic English version of the song. As we all know, it has nothing to do with tigers, and is about someone trying to wake Little John for a nice bright morning.

今天带来的是经典的英文儿歌 Are You Sleeping Brother John的中文翻译歌词。这首儿歌的曲子对于许多中国朋友来说耳熟能详,因为它与两只老虎的调子是一样的。当然,英文版的歌曲跟老虎没有任何关系,歌词讲述的是一个懒床的小男孩的故事,一起来看看歌词吧!

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