Master Pin Yin under 10 minutes 十分钟学拼音

A lot of people ask me, where to start with learning Chinese, and for most adult learners, my recommendation is to learn Pin Yin.

Pin Yin is the equivalent of phonetics symbols in English, it allows you to better understand the sounds of characters, and learn to read characters you have never seen.

Thankfully Pin Yin is very easy to learn if you know the English Alphabet, and we can cover all of them in a brief 7 minutes video.

Note that because English and Chinese are two completely languages, the example English words may not have the exact same sound as the pin yin themselves, especially for vowels. Although I did try my best to find the closest possible. Listen to how the Chinese example characters are read for the proper sound, and use the English word examples as a reference only.
Hopefully with this video, you will then get to listen to many more audio resources and practice your pin yin. The more you listen and try to speak, the better you will get.


You can download the full resolution printable, and the printer friendly version in the download section.


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