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Hello and goodbye song 你好歌和再见歌

At our local library there’s a weekly storytime for babies and toddlers. At the start and end of every session the librarian would sing hello and good bye songs for the children.

The version at our local branch is called “Up Down Turnaround” and it goes like this

Up, down, turnaround.

Touch the sky and touch the ground.

Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes.

Wiggle your shoulder say hello!

Up, down, turnaround.

Touch the sky and touch the ground.

Rub your tummy, blink your eyes.

Blow a kiss and say goodbye!

We sing to the same tune and allow for lots of movements, which is great for babies and toddlers.

I sometimes incorporate songs for lessons with very young children, and if they are familiar with this song, I would sing to them in Mandarin. I created some simple Mandarin lyrics for that purpose. They would go like this.

你好,大家好。Hello, hello everyone.

拍拍手呀,点点头。Clap your hands, nod your head.

扭一扭肩膀,动一动脚。Wiggle your shoulder, move your feet.

大大地笑着说你好!Have a big smile and say hello!

再见,下次见。Good bye, see you next time.

朋友再见,大家再见。Bye friends, bye everyone.

眨一眨眼睛,转一转圈。Blink your eyes, and turn around.

我们下一次再见!We will see each other next time!

see with lyrics

The lyrics involve the same concept as the english lyrics, repetition and lots of movement, because with young kids, keeping things interesting is all that matters, if they are not interested and not enjoying the process, they will not learn anything.

You can download the free printer friendly PDF from my download section under songs.

Here is a video demonstration.

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