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Melissa & Doug magnetic wooden fishing game and puzzle review & translation: Learn Sea Creature Names with Toy

When it come to learning a language, immersion is extremely powerful for children and adult alike. The more we can include the language in our daily lives, the quicker we will learn.

In that regard our child rely on us, their caretakers, in providing that immersion for them, which is why sometimes a second language nanny can be a super powerful aid in second language education for kids even though they are not formal teachers.

But that’s not our topic today, I wanted to talk about other things that isn’t so costly.

One of the things we do at home is to try and make every children’s book bilingual, but I find that’s not enough, since Emilia isn’t quite a bookworm. So another thing we try to do is to find toys that are bilingual, which can be very difficult. As a result I usually do a bit of DIY with toys we buy.

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We recently acquired a wooden puzzle from Melissa and Doug that was perfect for that.

The back of the puzzle pieces are unpainted wood which make writing on it very easy, I could use any type of marker without it being rubbed off from regular use. The slots on the puzzle board is also unpainted wood. I will include the translation on the set at the bottom of this post both in a picture and in the form of a printable download.

I also like this puzzle because the pieces do not fit in very tightly, which make it easier on younger toddlers.

For my US Readers, you can find this set on Amazon here.

For my Canadian Readers, you can find this set on Amazon here.

Below are the translation for this board.

Download the PDF table of translation here, both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese characters are included, as well as Pin Yin for pronunciation.

If you need help with pronunciation, you can refer to my video.

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