Happy New Year – Hello Year of the Golden Pig

Today is Feb 4 in Canada and is the last day of the year 2018 in lunar calendar time, which marks the beginning of the celebration of the Lunar New Year 春节. It is a holiday as big as Christmas for the Chinese people, and you will see red everything in cities and malls where there are a lot of Chinese immigrants. To celebrate the new year families gather together and enjoy feast, followed by what is often a week long celebration with distant relatives.

This is the first year where I enjoyed new year with family with my daughter. Last year this time both of us are still adapting to our new life – her adapting to this world in general, and me adapting to all the new and scary of motherhood. Neither of us enjoyed any of the family gatherings and it was such a stressful experience for us. This year however with Emilia being older, she is so much happier to run around and play with the other adults and kids, and I’m just so much better at this whole parenting thing too. Family gatherings now have a whole new meaning, since some family members only really see her once a year if even that, if they live far away, and with kids, a year means remarkable changes and growth. I’m also grateful for the loving families I have, both on my side and my husband’s side, I’m thankful that Emilia is born into such loving families and she get to grow up with so many wonderful people she can look up to. I look forward to many more new years with her, teaching her more about the story about her ethnicity in the process.

Year 2019 is the year of the golden pig, which comes around once every 60 year and is supposed to be a year with lots of great luck and prosperity. I wish all of my readers a fantastic new year!

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