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The Best Washable Sleeved Bib

Eating is messy for our younger counterparts. Babies are constantly making messes, and cleaning up accounts for a great chunk of our day as moms. Emilia was very keen on self feeding from the early days, and since then I’ve purchased countless bibs, both sleeved and sleeveless from various brands, just to find the easiest one to use and care for, because we use them A LOT in this house.

We greatly preferred sleeved bib after we started finger food, and below are my favourite ones to share with you. Under each item I have included my Amazon Affiliate link if applicable should you decide to give them a try through Amazon, you will not be charged extra, but it is something that can help support me and this blog.

The big requirements for bibs in my household is that they survive the washer and dryer, because hand washing and hang dry takes time AND space – both of which I don’t have a whole lot of. So I’m happy to tell you the below bibs we currently use all survive our front load washer on normal and our dryer on delicate or low heat. Just remember with bibs, or anything that has water proof lining of any sort, never use rubber or pointy dryer balls, and avoid drying them with clothing that have hard elements like buttons or zippers. So consider drying with towels or other bibs, and give those rubber dryer balls a break. If you must have something tumbling around, consider wool dryer balls.

Most Child Friendly

The most all rounded bib I have tried is BUMKINS bib series. All of their bibs are made from the same fabric – which include the regular smaller bibs, the sleeved bibs, and the bigger toddler bibs. The sleeved bib is still one of our favourite. BUMKINS’ signature fabric is polyester with PUL backing, it does feel soft like fabric while being able to repel liquid. It’s also very lightweight and super breathable, making them ideal for all weathers, and especially useful during hot summer days.

However if you wash it, it definitely will get damp still, so if little one will be spilling liquids all over him or herself, wetness can be felt on the other side.

The cuff of the bibs are soft fabric, which make it a lot easier on the wrist. However it does have the potential to stain because it is the least water resistant part of the bib, so you will need to wash it quickly if stains bother you.

Bumkins bib come with a TON of colours and prints in all kind of themes, including gaming themes like Super Mario and Zelda, movie themes like DC super heroes, and various Disney themes. They are priced a little differently, so there’s something for everyone depending on their budget. Grey Chevron is the print with the lowest price tag. The prints can encourage the little ones at meal time, nothing more exciting than dining while dressed up!

I do find that these bibs are a bit more delicate, they cannot withstand anything beyond low heat if you decide to dry them, and any kind of hard object in the dryer will start to poke holes in the PUL or even the fabric itself, so a little bit of care is needed if you decide to put them in the dryer. They will do just fine when hand washed and dried. Many other brand of bibs suffer with slow drying time, Bumkins bib are one of the fastest when air dried.

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Most Budget Friendly

The one and only print available for IKEA KLADDIG

The IKEA KLADDIG bib is one of the cheapest bib I’ve found, it is decently built, with polyester on one side and synthetic rubber on the other. This bib doesn’t even pretend it’s fabric, the whole thing feels plastic. It can appear hard at first but greatly softens up with a few washes.

I loved the fact that it costed less than $10 CAD a piece, which allowed me to be able to get more of these and rotate. It is machine washable and although not advisable to tumble dry, it has done fine in the dryer on low heat along with other clothing. The bib provide full coverage on the front, very little on the back, and will cover down to baby’s knee. I especially love how IKEA’s velcro tab only stick to itself and no other everyday fabric. I have had countless garments, towels, and laundry bags wrecked from velcro tabs that come undone in the wash and sticking to other things. This bib also features a pocket that help catch messes that fall from the little one’s mouth.

Due to its price, the quality isn’t the best out there. By that I mean I do end up with loose threads here and there. So far nothing that has come undone however, so to me that is good enough for what I need the bib for. There is also no selection of color – it just come in one print. Due to its length, it also isn’t good for some art activities like painting, but for most crafts like clay, the bib will do just fine.

Most Coverage

One of the biggest bib we’ve tried, excluding YuriBibs, a Babybjorn sleeved bib is our favourite for those super messy meals – spaghetti meat sauce? No problem! The Babybjorn bib is somewhat considered an art bib, it provides both front and back coverage, and is long enough to reach Emilia’s ankle when sitting at the age of 1. It is also the only bib that covers the entire seating area of my high chair (Stokke Tripp Trapp), preventing liquid and food from piling under baby’s bum.

It is a higher priced bib, but also one that is solidly built. The bib is thick and super soft, with the water repellent material on the outside, leaving the inside being the softer fabric.

There are a few pastel shades to choose from, and the bib do not stain easily except the inside of the cuff, which isn’t very noticeable.

This bib also uses snaps and no velcro, meaning it also will not damage other bibs. However keep in mind that if there are other velcro tabs in the wash with it, the cuff will attract and attach to velcro tabs, and can become damaged during separation.

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Other things we’ve tried

YuriBib and similar oversized bibs

This is like a cape, it is huge and covers both baby and the high chair. I do find these a big mess to clean especially when it is covered with sauces and sometimes tiny pieces of solids like fruit seeds. They are also not the most portable items, and look pretty awkward at restaurants. At the end of the day pulling out such a big piece of fabric every day five times a day was simply not practical. Emilia also perceives this as a toy and will often become overly obsessed at messing with her “tablecloth” and not eat. This was also pointless as soon as we ditched the high chair tray, and since we did that pretty early on to allow her to dine at the same table as the adults, it was stuffed away and later sold off.

Sleeveless bibs

These guys are very convenient because they are so small, and is wonderful for quick snack on the go or liquids, but they simply do not do the trick for us with solids. I have several in cotton and muslin, as well as silicone ones. I always keep one in the diaper bag just in case, and at home we pull out the silicone ones if we are having non staining and non juicy snacks like cookies or cheerios, but aside from that they are taking up space more often than not in our household.

Having said that, they are great for drool, so it doesn’t hurt to stock some fabric sleeveless bibs in traditional or bandana styles for the little drool monsters.

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