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The Complete Social Media Branding Guide: Photos

When you get into the world of social media as a working professional, either as a self employed blogger or a PR coordinator for a larger company, the amount of branding material that needs to be prepared to the right resolution and aspect ratio can be overwhelming. To make things easier, I have compiled the commonly used social media platform and their recommended branding sizing in a visually readable format for your convenience.

Please know that this post is written in Feb of 2019, so overtime these numbers may change a bit.

PlatformBanner SizeW:H RatioAvatar Size
Youtube/Google2560×1440 px1.78:1250×250 px
Facebook828×465 px1.78:1360×360 px
Twitter1500×500 px3:1400:400 px
Instagram180×180 px
Pinterest165×165 px

Pinterest displays their pins at 735 px in width when enlarged, so Canva recommends photos to be sized to 735×1102 px for optimal display.

WordPress, Wix, Blogger and other website builders will require different dimensions depending on the template used, my banner requirement for my blog was 1140×350 px, and in general you can expect a screen wide banner to require little over 1000 px in width for websites.

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