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Read Along: It’s All the Cat’s Fault!《都是猫的错!》

Today I’m sharing with you an adorable short story, It’s All the Cat’s Fault!, written by Anushka Ravishankar, Illustrated by Priya Kuriyan, made available to me by and finally, translated and read out loud by me!

The story follows the boy who could not complete his homework due to a series of events kicked off by a cat, which leads to one thing, then to another, and another, and another…

今天带来的是由作家Anushka Ravishankar攥写,Priya Kuriyan绘制的儿童绘本《都是猫的错》。故事讲述了小朋友马诺因为救一只顽皮的黑猫而引发的一连串的事件,一件接着一件。适合学龄前的小朋友阅读。

Does it remind you of your toddler? Leave a comment below and let me know!

You can purchase the original version of the book from Amazon with various forms. (eBook, Paperback, Boardbook) I have provided my affiliate link below. By using Amazon affiliate link, you will be supporting me and this blog at no extra charge, for more information please visit my disclaimer page.



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