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Learn 10 Words a Month: Spring 每月生词:春天

It is springtime in Vancouver, so for our video in March, I’ve decided to cover some words related to the spring season. If you are a parent watching this with your kiddos, try to practice by spotting these things on your walk outside, it is a wonderful way to learn and reinforce the memory on those newly learned words. Remember to check out the part 2 video if you wish to learn the writing as well.


In this video we will be covering the below words

  • Spring 春天
  • Sun 太阳
  • Flower 花朵
  • Sprout 发芽
  • Tree 树
  • Butterfly 蝴蝶
  • Bee 蜜蜂
  • Birds 鸟
  • Rabbit 兔子
  • Cherry Blossom 樱花

Once you are ready, you can use the quiz video to test your knowledge.

If you are curious about what I’m writing on, this is a Boogie Board that I borrowed from my daughter. It is a great tool for writing practice.

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