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Book Review: Indestructable​​s

One of the biggest issue with books and baby is that they tend to destroy them. When Emilia was younger, she would often chew on her books and soak through anything cardboard, we had some fabric books too but the selection was quite limited and it simply wasn’t the same. Then one day we discovered the Indestructables book series, and gosh are they strong!

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The Indestructible books are a series of short picture books made for babies and young toddlers, who are just beginning to read and can rip up/eat through paper and cardboard books. These books are made out of paper like material but do not rip, similar to the material of paper bills. They can be chewed on, tossed, and also washed in the washing machine or dishwasher. They come in a large variety of topics from Things That Goes, to I Love You Baby. We had the I Love You Baby and Baby Let’s Eat and so far the I Love You Baby is still going strong, so the other one is put away as back up. It’s been over 6 months and I’m very happy with how tough the book is.

Some basic information about the book:

  • The book measures 17.9cm x 17.9cm (7in x 7in), and is 1mm in thickness.
  • Pages are thin like a regular paperback book
  • both of the books we have has six pages including the covers

Why do we like this book?

Because it’s indestructible! Emilia has had her time chewing on the book, and is now starting to learn flip the thinner pages like mommy and daddy, and she is having an absolute blast. It is well built so we don’t have to worry about things being ripped out, and it allows her to flip the thinner pages and practice fine motor skills, something the board books do not offer.

It is also much less destructive when thrown, we’ve had many instances where the board book is thrown and hit someone or something, causing damages as a result. This book is light and throwing it is basically like throwing advertising flyers, it doesn’t really hurt anything.

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