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Chinese Poems 学诗词 To Sympathize with the Farmers 《悯农》

Learning Chinese Poems is a great way to practice pronunciation, but also learn a bit about the culture and history.

This poem is written by Tang Dynasty poet Li Shen.

Li Shen wrote two poem that fell under the same title, both regarding the topic of the hardship farmers faced back when the poems were written. While Li Shen was not as famous as many other Tang Dynasty poets, and the poems themselves are not as sophisticated in writing, the two poems were still very popular because they spoke of the thought of many people experiencing those hardships.

The poem I am sharing today is the second poem from the set of two. It vividly described a scene where a farmer was working tirelessly under the harsh sun, making it easy to understand. It also places emphasis on the importance of respecting one’s meal, which make this poem timeless and appropriate for even the very young.



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