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Read Along: Can and Can’t 《会与不会》

Can and Can’t is a short story written by Radha HS, illustrated by Ruchi Shah, this version is translated and read aloud by me, Carol.

The story is very short and describes the various things animals can and cannot do, told from a little girl’s perspective.
The original story can be found here

This is a very short book, and its sentences are also very simple. It is a great book for those early readers who is just beginning to read, or one to read to young children who doesn’t like to sit still for long. It’s also great to introduce the concept of “can” and “can’t” to children – just as the title suggests.

《会与不会》是由Radha HS攥写, Ruchi Shah绘制, 并由我为大家翻译与朗读。


这本书十分短也十分简单,非常适合刚开始阅读的小朋友们。同时也适合读给不愿意久坐的小宝宝。 插图颜色简单但是对比鲜明,容易看懂。简单的语句也适合教小朋友“会”与“不会”这两个词的意义。

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