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Children’s Song: Good Little Rabbit 小兔子乖乖

Good Little Rabbit is a Chinese Children’s Song that teach young children about not opening the door for strangers.

It’s a bit unimaginable these days but when I grew up, it wasn’t uncommon for young children, elementary school aged, to stay home on their own. It’s usually for a short period of time after school, but I have also spent entire summers at home alone while my parents worked. Children’s safety was a major issue. Not only do parents have to worry about all the hazards at home, there is also the concern of Child traffickers and burglars. It is very common for people to knock on doors when they know the child is home alone and try to trick them to open their doors, hence why this song was so important back then.

I don’t think many family leave their children at home anymore these days, but this is still a cute song and the story is good to warn young child about strangers in general.

The Printable pdf include both the song lyrics and the full story.




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