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One of the ongoing projects I work on are my bilingual read along videos. To make those project, I am always looking for public domain ebooks or ones licensed under creative common.

Below are some wonderful websites where I have found a good collection of books for you to check out, both for your babies and for yourself! Better yet, because of their license, you can also legally print and distribute if you wanted to, some even allow commercial use.

This site is wonderful for illustrated Indian children’s books. The site features a great sorting system and has books in many languages translated by volunteers. Some books have read-along videos as well. You can use the site’s filter to find a book at the right difficulty level in the language you need, and read away!

This is where I found The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and it has books appropriate for both early readers and school aged children. The site can be confusing to navigate however the book downloads are worth the trouble.

A simple website by two brothers inspired by their Children – just like this blog! The stories there created by the site owner, but is also available as a free download.

The biggest open source book library I came across so far, and it has books for both adults and children. My only complaint is that because the library is so big, and there are limited filtering you can do, you have to know what you are looking for to get anything meaningful from search. However it is a site worth browsing through on one of those rainy weekends where you have some time to sit down at home.

This project site takes the stories from and give them a new life by allowing you to browse the text, illustration, and listen to the audio of those books in numerous languages.

This site is updated many times a month at the time of writing, and I was shocked to find the whole hunger game series on here. There are a lot of overlap with, however I did find this site slightly better visually speaking. It also make sure all books are in pdf, whereas will sometimes have books available in kindle and web format, but not in pdf.

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