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Moving with a Toddler

Just last week we went through a move after a rather complicated home sale/purchase experience, coordinating the move with my one year old has been the most challenging aspect of it all as far as logistics is concerned, but I’m so happy and proud that we made it and was able to vacant our old home for the new owner.

I have to say that Emilia was amazingly optimistic about the whole thing and never fussed even though she has been living in a chaotic home for weeks leading up to the move, and didn’t get to sleep until 3 hours past her bedtime on the day of the move. I was so very grateful for her cheerful spirit. It made the move easier for all of us and helped me through some very stressful times. My poor dog on the other hand did not like the process one bit, and was shaking furiously for the entire day.

Figuring out our plan on the day of the move was very tricky, as nap time is between 1-3 normally, there’s also lunch prior to that, and snack right after, mealtime comes with some clean up after, and we can’t really move any large items during her nap time or she will not be able to sleep.

We booked the movers for 3 pm so that we have as much time as possible to move things, and spent most of our morning packing up the last of our belongings.

The movers came a whole hour late, however, and their truck wasn’t big enough to move all of our stuff, so even though we tried our best, the move still got split over two days, as by the time the first truckload of stuff got moved, it was 9 pm and Emilia really should be going to bed, soon, and we haven’t even set up her room yet, with cribs and all. We prioritized moving all the baby items inside and setting it up, but still went way later than we anticipated. By some miracle, Emilia was still enjoying life at 10 pm but we were not going to let her stay away for much longer. Oh and she still woke up at her usual time the next morning.

As my husband started setting up the room and me starting to unpack some baby essential boxes, I realized we didn’t keep track of our scissors and markers! We were so tired by the end of packing they just got tossed into one of the boxes we packed in the morning and by evening neither of us remember where they are. Having to tear open all the tape by hand or with a keys was not a fun job. We also wanted to reuse some of the boxes we emptied and without markers, it got tricky keeping track of what’s in what. They did eventually turn up days later.

Next day I realized another big mistake I made – I packed away our coffee maker and our microwave was deemed unimportant and left to be moved later that day. Somehow it didn’t occur to me that a lot of baby food require a microwave to heat, it’s not like we had any other means of heating up stuff since we are also redoing our kitchen. Emilia had to eat some food with unusual temperatures that day, and my brain remains very much fogged from caffeine withdraw.

Thankfully I was able to dig out our water pitcher from one of the boxes, having bottled water around during a time like this is definitely way more convinient.

In the middle of all this, at some point my car key also went missing! Great, when it rains it pours. I called every place we’ve been from the movers, the home supply store, furniture stores, and even a car dealership we were at briefly. Calling Lexus looking for a Honda car key was pretty embarrassing. Eventually, I decided it is gone for good and called my dealership and asked for a new one to be ordered. A few hours before I am to pick up the key and have my car reprogrammed, Emilia turns up with it like magic. I have to admit she has been the most amazing thing throughout this whole mess of a move. My husband on the other hand think she hid it to mess with us.

Most of our stuff is still in boxes right now, and will remain in boxes until we finish our renovation, but should we move again, I will definitely prioritize certain items differently when it comes to how they are packed, labelled, and the sequence they are moved. Having said that I don’t see us wanting to move for a long time, the past few months has been the utmost exhausting and I need a long vacation from the home change world. Surviving the renovation is a whole different ball game, but I will document once we are actually done…oh man, whenever that will be.

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