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CHINESE POEMS 学诗词 Farewells on Grassland《赋得古原草送别》

Learning Chinese Poems is a great way to practice pronunciation, but also learn a bit about the culture and history.

Today’s poem is from Tang Dynasty poet Bái jū yì on the topic of farewells. 

In the modern days, thanks to the invention of airplanes, we can fly halfway across the globe in half a day’s time, saying goodbye to a good friend heading off to a new city doesn’t seem so bad most of the time. However, what if airplanes and trains don’t exist? In ancient times, farewells are a much greater deal because the cost of travel is far greater. There is a lot of uncertainty with seeing a friend or a family off, and one never know if that is the last time they will be in touch with someone. As a result, many poems about goodbyes are written, and this is one of the best ones.

现代人有互联网,有飞机,有火车,各种交通工具让旅行变得方便容易。只需要半天的时间我们就可以从地球的一端去倒另一端。古代就没有这么方便了。每一次的送别都代表了无限的不确定,交通和通讯的不变代表了你永远不会知道这会不会是最后一次与友人的联系。 所以关于离别的古诗非常之多。这首赋得古原草送别是关于离别的主题中最优秀的诗之一。

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