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Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus review and translation with pin yin

The word “no” is a big part of growing up. We tell our children no a lot and they sure say it back to us even more. The book “Don’t let Pigeon Drive the Bus” is all about “no”s.

At first I wondered to myself, what’s the point of getting your child to be even better at “no” than they already are? She says it to me so many times already!! But then I realized that No is so much more than a word to drive mommy insane. It’s also what the child can do to protect themselves against all kinds of harassment, it’s their first attempt to express their frustration, and cherishing it is the best way to encourage other more complex expression later on.

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The book “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” is actually much more fun and sound nothing like a lecture. It presents this hilariously annoying pigeon character to encourage the child to participate by saying no to all kinds of unfair demand from the pigeon. It’s so much fun that I sometimes flip through it on my own, and it’s a great conversation starter about why I tell Emilia “no” on many things, or when Emilia should be saying “no”.

The reading experience will involve the reader to read all the silly asks the pigeon has, and then to encourage the listener to tell the pigeon “no”, and talk about why not if needed be. It is truly a book you can say “no” to. While the sneaky pigeon also sound a whole log like my very loved toddler, it can be a reminder as to why mommy has to say no to some of her interesting requests as well.

This book come in small and large hard cover format, I strongly recommend the larger version for its print quality. The version I have is a small hardcover version that’s a part of the bus load of pigeon book bundle, so the standalone book will be about twice in size – totally worth it in my opinion because the illustration is so good. It is also available in boardbook format but the paper in the hardcover version feels much nicer.

The book is available on Amazon, which is also where we got our copy, if you are interested in purchasing, considering using my Amazon affiliate link below, it would help this site a lot, thank you!



Here’s our translation



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p23 top left 我会做你的好朋友!top right 给你五块钱怎么样?bottom left 不公平!bottom right 我打赌你妈妈一定会让我开的!

p24 top left 有什么大不了的嘛!top right 就是辆巴士而已! bottom left 我也是有梦想的啊!bottom right 好吧。

p25-26 让-我-开-巴-士!

p27-28 no text




p32 no text


Download the printable containing Simplified and Traditional Chinese as well as Pin Yin here

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