About me 关于我

Hi! My name is Carol and I’m a Chinese Canadian mom, blogger, language teacher, living in British Columbia, Canada.

The birth of my daughter changed my life in ways I never could imagine, and that’s why this blog was created. Parenting is a tricky enough subject, and throw in the aspiration of raising my daughter to be bilingual make things even more interesting.

Here you will find blog posts about general parenting topic, but also a collection of Chinese Language learning resources appropriate for all ages and all skill levels. We cover topics including stories, poems, idioms vocabulary, writing, grammar, and more. All of the resources are carefully edited or created from scratch by me, in hope of helping other families and individuals in becoming a step closer to bilingual fluency.

If you enjoyed my blog, or would love to connect, I’m always here to listen. Thank you for visiting my blog, and hope to see you again soon!





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