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10 Hilarious Reasons for Toddler Tantrums

Toddlers are known for being very particular about things. Not just about food, I’m talking about EVERYTHING.

Shortly after her first birthday, we saw Emilia become more and more particular about everything she does, and the frequency of tantrums has become unbelievably high – first-time parents here, and totally wasn’t expecting such a tiny person to be so high maintenance.

Some of the things that upset her to the point of throwing a tantrum include:

  • She couldn’t peel the skin from her sushi (she think it’s the skin, but it’s actually seaweed)
  • I put the Jacket onto her right arm first, when she wanted her left arm in first
  • I put on matching socks for her
  • I didn’t peel her cheese stick’s plastic wrapping
  • I peeled her plastic wrapping back too far
  • The snow didn’t taste sweet

And so…many…more…

So surely I’m not the only one suffering, because that would just be so unfair, I thought. I ventured out to other blogging moms and asked them what are their toddlers throwing tamtrums about, and the result? Comedy GOLD.

1. When nothing is as good as fake grapes, not even the real ones by far

“My two-year-old lost it at Dollar Tree last night because we wouldn’t buy him fake grapes. He doesn’t even like real grapes.” — Jenna from Mom of the Moment

2. Scooter helmet is surely a fashion accessory, but mom doesn’t agree

“We recently bought our toddler a helmet for when she rides her trike or scooter. She has become obsessed with it. When she’s done with the trike or scooter, she doesn’t want to take it off. She has a complete meltdown when we make her take it off. So whatever, wear your helmet while coloring with chalk on the sidewalk or playing with your toy golf clubs, go ahead an look like a weirdo.” — Sam from More for Mama

3. When food gets to go into the microwave, but you don’t

“I wouldn’t microwave him. Meanest mom.” — Meredith from Motherhood by Meredith

4. When mom makes the wrong choice

“One morning when my son just turned 3 I made him toast for breakfast, he told me to “have a bite mama”, so I did… cue a 45 minute meltdown *eyeroll*” — Cortney from Motherhood Uncorked

5. But not the theme song

“My daughter turned three recently. She usually watches a little bit of TV while I make dinner. Around that time, Cat in the hat is on. She has a meltdown every time she hears the theme song. She tells me to turn it off. She says not that song not that song! If I don’t turn the volume down or turn the TV off she loses it and starts to cry. If I let it go and leave it on, she runs from the room crying and stomping her feet. She loves the TV show tho.” — Darcey from A Flourishing Rose

6. Losing is no fun

“When they lose at Candyland, haha!” — Jennifer from One Hoppy Momma

7. If only there’s a toy called the “infinite unzipper”

“She loves to unzip things but this pouch was already unzipped. Pretty sure it was the worst day of her life so far.” — Ariana from Ariana Dagan .com

Nothing describes despair as accurately as the face of a toddler during a tantrum, photo from Ariana

8. When it isn’t DADA

“My son throws tantrums all the time because I’m not Dada!! The other day he screamed in his crib for 20 minutes after nap time, while I sat there, because he wanted his father to take him out of his crib.” — Talya from The Mother Fix

9. If the dog gets one, I should at least have two bites

“Our dog takes a flea and tick pill every month and it’s a chewable. My 18 month old was furious I wouldn’t give her “a bite”. She screamed until I distracted her with another snack.” — Meagan from Meagan Deal – A Motherhood Blog

10. The delicate state between too wet and too dry

“My son cried because his toy got wet, then cried when I dried it.” — Amanda from Living on Grace, you can read the full story here.

Reading their stories make me feel a bit better since Emilia is only 14 months and is tame in comparison, but oh boy am I in for a ride in a few months.

I hope this blog helped brightened up your day, leave a thought in the comments! Do you have a hilarious toddler story to tell? I’d love to hear it.

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